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Osha Opens Investigation Into Appleton Mill

Recently a wall collapsed at Appleton Mill leading to death of worker and a contract employee. This accident demanded immediate attention for OSHA officials to investigate such a case.

This investigation was opened up as a result of the report that had been described to OSHA officials about the incident. OSHA officials said that they need to look at the company’s overall response to it and check how the investigation reveals out with them.

Before a month a contract employee named William Wilson 39 died after being trapped beneath a five-ton piece of equipment called as strong back, which moves rolls out of paper and handles around 55,000 pounds at one time.

But on recent incident that happened on Monday a wall of building of Mill collapsed. In this incident no one was hurt but the section of building involved an estimated 75-foot section of wall.

Still the cause of wall collapse has not been determined, officials say it is difficult to determine whether the plant’s $100 million construction project and expansion which had been done last year has been successful.

The OSHA officials said that accidents happen and nothing unusual has happened at that site, but accidents by itself are unusual which is the reason OSHA has come into existence.