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OSHA Becomes The First Nation Protections Standards Against Infectious Airborne Diseases

The United Nations first standard to safeguard workers from the spread of air-borne diseases was approved yesterday by Office of Administrative Law and filed against secretary of state.

With support from labor management OSHA Standards approved the Aerosol Transmissible Disease (ATD) standard which is designed to protect workers in healthcare industries from the spread of diseases such as tuberculosis, measles, influenza etc. This plan would be in action from 5th August.

This act is designed to protect employees who are likely to come in contact with transmittable disease especially due to recent events with outbreak of H1N1 Swine Flu. This new ATD regulation will cover healthcare of employees who would typically treat, diagnose, or house individuals who may be ill to hospitals, clinics, nurses etc. It will also cover emergency responder’s facility.

Along with these facilities the ATD act requires healthcare employees to get trained in developing control procedures. The ATD standard provides guidance on how to protect employees from potential risk of diseases which are well known and those which have recently outbreak.

The main purpose of these standards is to provide a set of safety practices & precautions tailored to level of health care related services provided by employees covered, so that they can respond to day to day management of a potentially infectious patient to an emergency situation.

Along with this standard is accompanying Zoonotic Standard which addresses employees working around animals where many infectious diseases originate. This requires employers to control workplace exposures to animal’s infections like monkey pox, anthrax, bovine tuberculosis.