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Osha To Work On Reducing The Lost Lives For The Death Of Hispanic Workers

Over 16 years, the number of Hispanic workers who died in job in United States rose to around 76 percent. This increase came despite the decrease in workers overall death numbers.

A USA Newspaper said that in 1992,533 Hispanic workers were killed and by end of 2007,937 workers were killed. Although the increase in number of Hispanic workers is a part of reason for the higher numbers of death in United States. The percentage of Hispanic workers killed in workplace accidents is a part of Hispanics in the workforce.

Peg Seminario, the director for safety and health said that there are various reasons why there is an increase in death of workers of high numbers which include a lack of training, poor communication, and exploitation of workers. The labor secretary when asked said that they were particularly concerned with Hispanic workforce, as they often work low-wage jobs which are susceptible to injuries in the workplace.

This worker death issue is a broken safety system which would allow one to afford for workplace safety and injuries. So the government should work to reduce the number of workplace injuries, illness and fatalities making sure that all the workers have adequate protection and training. But the ultimate point is to keep all the workers protected from being hurt on the job.