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Disney Monorail Accident Investigated By OSHA

Recently Walt Disney met an accident at its monorail site where the monorail crashed leading to an accident. To investigate the case, whether any federal violations standards are violated or not, OSHA investigators have been there for reviewing the site.

OSHA authorities claim that there are large numbers of OSHA standards to say that violations have occurred or not. The OSHA investigators have 6 months to investigate & review there posting as a public report.

The OSHA investigators will firstly go to site and see what has happened. They will try to speak to someone who had witnessed the incident and if required will also view the data on Monorail computers.

They are looking out for any safety violations that have occurred. If any then Walt Disney will have to pay a huge amount of fines starting up to $70,000.

There are 4 types of violations which would be required by Disney to pay a penalty of up to $70,000.First is a willful violation amounting to $70,000. Second is a repeat violation amounting to $70,000. Third is serious violation amounting to $7,000 and fourth one is also a serious violation amounting to $7,000.

OSHA said that there are no specific standards of Monorail pilots only the cause of concern is on hazards.This investigation will thus reveal out the true reason for the crash.