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BP keeping facts on spill far from public view

BP, responsible for the explosion of rig last month in the Gulf Of Mexico has not disclosed the test results on the extend of worker’s exposure from the combustion of crude or to evaporating oil over the Gulf, even though the data is crucial to determine whether the situations are safe. Moreover, the company is not observing the extend of the spill and only release videos of the spill site reluctantly, which is important for the scientists to get a clue about the amount of oil in the Gulf.

Questions has been raised, on BP’s role as the main source of information, about whether the government must step in to gather the important information and to publicize it. Again does an adequate cleanup must be accomplished without the information about the amount of crude oil that’s spreading across the Gulf.

BP had earlier released four videos under the pressure from senators, however, they haven’t agreed to monitoring better.

Further, the air sampling for oil spill workers hasn’t been publicly released. OSHA is in charge of monitoring compliance with the worker safety regulations and they are relying on the information and they have urged BP to release the report.

Dean Wingo, assistant regional administrator of OSHA overseeing Louisiana said, “It is not ours to publish. We are working with [BP] and encouraging them to post the data so that it is publicly available.”

A BP spokesman, Toby Odone, said the data has been shared with legitimate interested parties including government agencies as well as private companies aiding in the cleanup. However, he did say why would one the information and any party with a legitimate interest can only have access to the details when he was asked whether the information can be publicly release.