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Changing Tone Of OSHA With US President Obama

Changing Tone Of OSHA With US President Obama
Richard Teets at the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) conference and exhibition in Pittsburgh said,"There is just as much appreciation of safe practices, but the verification has changed. The past administration had greater emphasis on voluntary programs and employee involvement. The current one has more of a 'prove it, we don't believe it, we need to confirm it' attitude." Richard Teets is the president and chief operating officer of steel operations at Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI), Fort Wayne.

US president Obama has introduced new rules regarding federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). And many of the administrators like Teets are not convinced with this new rules. They are view that offering incentives for safety because he thinks that incentives may incite the workers not to report incidents as to get the offering bonus. Teets said that employees like SDI employees must have to report an accident but can not cite two incidents that show the policy works. The employees are bound to report follow this rules, otherwise they will be terminated.

Executives are not happy with the new administration and said that the new administration have enough reasons to incite aggressive OSHA activity among the employees. Gary Novak, president, global linings division of Vesuvius USA Corp., said, "Administrations come and go. It's incumbent on us as leaders to protect our people. It's our moral responsibility."

Through the annals of history of OSHA, it has been developed many times regarding OSHA safety training, OSHA regulations, OSHA compliance safety training and many more. It really has drastically reduced the terrible scenarios of accidents and even death at the working sites. Whatever the federal rules are introduced, companies must follow the best part of it for the occupational safety. To get more information in details about OSHA visit: oshasafetytraining-blogspot