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OSHA Cited Contractor $61,000 Regarding Worker's 30-Foot Fall

OSHA Cited Contractor $61,000 Regarding Worker's 30-Foot Fall
Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Misdea Enterprises LLC, a Weymouth, Mass., masonry contractor because the contractor was involved in willful violation for the safety and the health of the workers. The contractor did not pay attention to the workers safety and an employee fell down from 30 feet while climbing a scaffold in Brookline, Mass. For this willful violation, OSHA has proposed $61,600.

OSHA had done inspection on that site and found that there was no ladder in the scaffold. The safety and health of the workers was a big question in that site. There was no fall protection while working on the scaffold, scaffold was not fully planked, the workers were threatened by electrocution, and many more. The company was not complying with OSHA regulations. This is the duty of the employers to provide fall protection for each employee on a scaffold more than 10 feet above a lower level. In this case, the height was 30 feet and still the employer did not provide any protection and thus violated the OSHA regulations. OSHA has cited the company for two willful citations.

Brenda Gordon, the area director for Boston and southeastern Massachusetts, said, "Falls are the leading cause of death in construction work, and employers must take all required steps to prevent and minimize this potentially deadly hazard. Safe working conditions must not and can never be a matter of luck."

OSHA has brought out many more cases into the light and helped the workers thus making them aware of the workplace situation. OSHA provides OSHA safety training that ensures the safety of the workers at working site. They take many projects at hand like providing free safety training, online and on site training program and many more.