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Company Fined By OSHA for Plant Violations

Company Fined By OSHA for Plant Violations
An Illinois milk-related company has been fined with a cost of $535,000 for safety violations. This has happened at a a Wisconsin plant and the company has agreed to pay for it.

OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced settlement between Milk Specialties Co. and them. Based in Carpenters ville, Ill, the company produce protein supplements for dairy cows. The fine came after the 2008 inspection at the Whitehall plant.

The plant was cited for the violations that included combustible dust hazards and untrained employees working at the dangerous work sites.

However, the company said that the settlement was not something for any wrong doing but it was stemmed from a new acquired plant.

Whatever the allegation is, it is the responsibility of the employers to provide a safe working environment to their workers. It is also their responsibility to provide OSHA safety training so that the workers can be equipped with all the knowledge to handle potential hazards.