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OSHA Ascertained Safety of Highway Construction Worker

OSHA Ascertained Safety of Highway Construction Worker
Now the workers who involve in highway bridge construction are going to be provided better protection during their working time. OSHA has added a note regarding the safety and the health of the workers to the “Steel Erection Standard” that will inform the employers about some requirements of Federal Highway Administration. This new amendment will improve the safety of the highway construction worker and motorists during highway bridge construction.

Till the date, so many accidents have been occurring due to lack of proper information regarding the safety of the workers at working place. No one can forget the accident that took so may lives in 2004. That time, from an overpass under construction in Golden, Colo., a 100 foot long 40 ton steel bridge girder fell down and crushed an SUV that carried three people of the same family and all died on the spot. But fortunately the workers were at that time not working there and thus saved from the disaster. Otherwise, the accident would be more tragic. That is why, OSHA has amended Steel Erection standard that will notify employers of FHWA regulations that could save the lives of workers constructing highway bridges.

It is certain that the new law will bring a drastic change to the safety and health of the workers if followed. Not only this, OSHA has contributed a lot for the safety and the health at workplaces. They provide OSHA safety training for both the construction and the general industries that includes safety measures, knowledge of the job and many more. OSHA 10 hour Construction Industry Course and OSHA 30 hour Construction Industry Course courses have been designed for the construction workers and receiving more and more support from the employees for its effectiveness.