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OSHA cited Wisconsin manufacturer for 19 safety violations

OSHA cited Wisconsin manufacturer for 19 safety violations
OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the main federal agency of the US Department of Labor, has cited KBRK Inc. and proposed with $60,750 for alleged knowing and serious violations of federal workplace safety standards. The company has been doing business as Baird Display in Waukesha, Wis.

The inspection was done in January 2010 and OSHA has found that company involves in so many willful safety rule violations. The inspection has brought it into the light that the employees in that company were bypassing safety switches in order to reach into running machinery to in-jam it without shutting down the machine. The employer and the employees both are not ignorant about the danger that can occur from such work and they know the rules of OSHA regarding the same case. And after knowing all these, the company has violated the rules and so OSHA has proposed penalty of $35,000.

Another issue that OSHA has found out and put penalties of $25,750. The violation of the company includes:

  • The company didn't provide guardrails and other fall protection from platforms
  • They didn't establish a lockout/tagout energy control program
  • They didn't provide proper training to the employees
  • They lack in guarding the machinery or the rotating shafts.
George Yoksas, OSHA area director in Milwaukee said,"There is no excuse for a company to disregard the safety and welfare of its workers by not following the OSHA safety guidelines. Those who ignore safe practices and OSHA regulations are inviting tragedy into the lives of their workers."

OSHA has brought out many such violations with the help of OSHA OSHA inspection. More to that they have provided many safety training to the workers to ensure the safety and health of the workers at their workplace.