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The causes of BP oil disaster

The causes of BP oil disaster
The proximate causes of the BP oil disaster seem not on any technical or mechanical failures but on their recklessness and arrogance. Recent reports show a pretty good idea of the exact causes of the oil disaster.

The arrogance of the industry’s effort to achieve voluntary self regulation which blocks authorizations for better technology and oversight, which might have well prevented the disaster. Now, it is clear that their self regulation has not worked at all. The lack of oversight is also a prime reason in terms of death and injuries in major oil producing countries.

Another cause is the recklessness from BP’s part. According to NYT, BP has a history of oils spills and blasts and when it comes to safety they continue to lag behind other oil companies. According to OSHA, BP has got some “systemic safety” problems which they have tried to wave off.

Lastly, BP’s overbearing hubris seems the root cause of the whole thing. BP calls the recent blowout disaster as unprecedented, inconceivable and unforeseeable. But their hubris has lead to arrogance, recklessness and poor planning of the whole system. If they have ever thought if this kind of disaster was possible they would have pre-built or per position the domes in Gulf long time back. It’s quite careless for them to wait till the disaster to happen and built it.