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OSHA Offers Free Safety And Health Training Expo For Construction Workers

OSHA Offers Free Safety And Health Training Expo For Construction Workers
The construction workers of South Florida is going to receive free training that will help them recognizing and preventing of construction and health hazards on Saturday, May 15. The training will be conducted from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. EDT at the Sheridan Technical Center in Hollywood, Fla.

This training is co-sponsored by OSHA, the South Florida and Florida's East Coast Associated General Contractors of America chapters and the Sheridan Technical Center. The free training is intended to provide formal and interactive training for the employees in the construction industry. This huge expo is going to offer 15 safety courses in two languages: English and Spanish.

Darlene Fossum, area director of OSHA in Fort Lauder dale said, "Once again Florida's construction community is demonstrating its commitment to worker safety and health by coming together in support of the 10th annual South Florida Safety Expo." The demand of OSHA safety trainings are increasing as many horrible accidents have been taking place due to lack of effective safety measures and also for lack of knowledge of the employees work sheets. All these problems can be diminished by such trainings.

There are so many free trainings that are conducted free and also there are many online OSHA safety courses available that sure can help the construction and the general industry workers. All these OSHA safety training courses make the employees know all about their jobs and also about the preventive measures. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 requires the employees must be provided safe and healthful workplaces by their employers. OSHA assures these conditions for the working men and women of America by various activities like setting and enforcing enhancing OSHA standards, and providing OSHA safety training, education and assistance.