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Huge Penalties for Violation of OSHA Regulation

Huge Penalties for Violation of OSHA Regulation
OSHA has cited penalties for many industries and companies as because of violation of the OSHA rules and regulations. The rules and regulations are created so that the accidents, deaths and other work related problems reduce. But, many times it is seen that the companies do not comply with the rules and regulation of the OSHA and thus invite many catastrophe to themselves. The employees become the worst victim of such violation. Questions arise, why the employers do not comply with OSHA regulations that are a mandate to them? The definite answer will be that the industry owners see only the self-benefit and they deny the safety and health of the workers that work in their company.

Recently, OSHA has proposed with $45,500 penalties for exposing workers to dangerous heights without proper fall protection to the Spieker Co., a general construction contractor based in Perrysburg. A construction site inspection was done on March at a high school in Delta, Ohio where

it was found that Spieker Co. has been willfully violating OSHA regulations and without providing necessary protection the employer employed workers to work at heights in excess of 13 feet. It is an voluntary disregard for required laws for which the workers may have faced dangerous situation and even death.

To make employers and the employees aware, OSHA provides safety training course that can help them know the mandate regulation and act, the preventive ways. All these could help in a progressive way. Now these OSHA safety training courses are available on the web and that sure is convenient for employees and the employers. Thus, in a comfortable way, the industries can comply with required regulations, maintain safety and health of the workers and can save from huge penalties.