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Jeffboat broke 27 OSHA safety and health standards

Jeffboat broke 27 OSHA safety and health standards
A southern Indiana shipyard has been visited by OSHA for the second time in a week. The agency has to open two open investigation when two workers died after a fall in different occasion.

The incident happened only two days apart from each other when a worker died on May 10 after falling 20 ft from a walkway on a barge. Right two days after, another employee fell from a ladder and died the next day after sustaining head injuries.

Ken Martin,VP and GM of Jeffboat L.L.C later said, "Despite Jeffboat's constantly improving safety record, and the fact that the facility meets or exceeds OSHA standards at all of its work stations, it is still a heavy metal manufacturing plant with all of the challenges of an outdoor assembly line."

Jeffboat has been investigated before by OSHA. As per the records filed on OSHA's website, it indicates there were 4 investigations at the Jeffersonville shipyard between the period of 2007 and 2009. An investigation resulted with the company getting fined of more than $20,000 for 27 violations of OSHA Safety and Health Standards, 23 were cited as serious in 2007.

OSHA is now investigating the accidental deaths of two employees of Jeffboat. More investigations are expected to be given to the plant.

It is the responsibility of the employers to provide an OSHA safety training for the employees and provide them with safety gears to protect them from fall. If any company does not comply with OSHA’s standard then, they will get heavy fines and penalties.