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OSHA looking out for higher fines and aggressive enforcement

OSHA looking out for higher fines and aggressive enforcement
There are many reasons why safety environment is important in a work site. Most of all, when you get hurt on a job, you might risk your health, job, income and even your life. Looking at these facts, OSHA has mandated that every workers should be well trained under the OSHA safety training program and qualified to fit the kind of work they are handling.

Even the employers should know that, work related injuries or death can get them a big fine from OSHA.

OSHA has recently released an annual list of work related injury and illness rate, which are higher than the national average. Fortunately for most companies, there are still no fines given in the survey program. However, one third of the companies on the list will be possibly given an inspection anytime.

For the worst violators, the the fines may raise and higher penalties and more aggressive enforcement will be focused now to encourage employers to provide safety and healthy workplaces for their employees.

Although, we see a new face in OSHA but some workers are not really impressed. They think, it will only make a tiny dent in the huge backlog of work that are required to set the health standards for the number of chemicals and toughen a great many of the existing standards, which are weaker than needed in order to protect workers.

This didn’t help the employers as in the same week as the list came out about 11 workers went missing and were presumed dead after the explosion on a Trans ocean Ltd. oil platform which is under the contract to BP LLC in the Gulf Of Mexico.