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Further BP Legal Action Looked Upon

Safety Regulator in US believes that BP has a systemic safety problem at the refineries and they are discussing for further legal action against the energy company in UK with the Department of Justice.

BP is considered not to have sufficiently improved safety despite being warned repeatedly. This was told by Jordan Barab, who is a senior official at OSHA.

As we can recall, OSHA had fined BP with an astounding amount of $87.4m back in 2009 for its failure to correct the potential hazards that are faced by their employees. A fine of $21m was issued to them in 2005. It seems BP is no stranger when it comes to paying heavy fines.

According to the agency, BP executives was enthusiastic about improving safety but they have never translated it. They do still have a serious systemic safety problem.

BP has always maintain that they do continue to co-operate with OSHA but OSHA believes they have not done enough.