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BP’s Long History Of Accidents

BP’s Long History Of Accidents
The recent oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is only a number more to the list of accidents that BP has a record of.

In 2005, an explosion occurred at the Texas City refinery, which killed 15 people and injured 170. OSHA had fined BP with an astounding amount of $21 million for safety violations.

A year later, a BP pipeline leak had dumped near about 267,000 gallons of oil into the Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay, which was caused by failing equipment. The environmental advocates had red-flagged it for a fix earlier before the incident. BP had not detected the leak for a number of days and it was the worst kind of onshore oil spill in state history. The investigation has cited that the matter was caused due to the negligence and cost cutting from BP’s part.

Even if BP enjoys being the second largest fossil fuel producer but it also has the largest number of explosions and other incidents at their US refinery. Based on its environmental and human rights record, BP had been listed the 10 worst companies in 2000 and 2005.

The Minerals Management Service (MMS) had fined BP in 2007 for the violations that related to an nearly blowout at an off shore rig in 2002. An irony though is that BP has also been enjoying some awards in-spite of its reputation of getting fines for safety violations.

Now, with the big catastrophe happening now in the Gulf of Mexico, BP along with OSHA and the coast guard if providing OSHA safety trainings to tackle the problem. Even though they are going on about every possible way to solve the oil leak and you can even see the progress but how long can they keep on.

Now, OSHA still has to decide how much fine they are going to slap on their face.