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BP Oil Spill Clean-up Plans Not Addressing Health Issues

Most of the times, the media has been covering the BP oil spills since the minute it started and most of them have been focusing the impact to wildlife and who will take responsibility of the clean up. However, what they fail to cover is the impact that oil spill will have on human.

Most people have taken up the volunteer to clean the oil spills along with the workers. These people will come in contact with a myriad of toxic substances, which makes up the oil, the dispersant which is used to break and sink it as well as the chemicals which is used to clean it up.

What Danger The Workers Face:

Frankly we are still clueless about the potential risks to the workers. Oil spills are actually ecological events and not human health events. However, to clean this ecological mess, they need human hand. Workers and volunteers will come in direct contact with the toxic fumes and chemicals. Again, boats that belong to fishermen and other locals aiding the clean up might become contaminated.

These risks are slowly starting to come in the limelight but another problem is whether these workers are receiving proper protective gears?

An important note that all volunteers and workers must go through a HAZWOPER safety training.