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OSHA has cited Okeelanta Corp. in South Bay, Fla

OSHA has cited Okeelanta Corp. in South Bay, Fla
OSHA (U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has proposed penalties $45,775 and cited Okeelanta Corp. in South Bay, Fla for repeated and serious violations of OSHA rules. The cited company has exposed workers to lacerations and amputation injuries.

OSHA's Site-Specific Targeting Program incited the inspection done that payed more attention in social control efforts on comprehensive safety inspections where the highest rates of injuries and illnesses occur.

The inspection found that Okeelanta has repeated violation that done before also. For this repeated violation, OSHA has proposed penalty of $12,500. The inspection has disclosed the violation includes failing to enclose sprocket wheels and chains on the specific machinery and also exposing employees to rotating parts and pinch points. If an employer previously was cited for the same violation of any regulation, standard, rule or order in federal enforcement states during the last three years is issued as repeated violation. More over, the company has cited with 12 serious safety violations and got $33,275 in proposed penalties.

Darlene Fossum, the area director of OSHA in Fort Lauderdale said that the facility had been inspected previously and received citations for various workplace hazards. Management is responsible for delaying in taking action regarding improvement of safety and health program in order to protect workers.

Okeelanta Corp. is the company that alone is cited for violation of OSHA regulations but there are so many other industries are there that are cited for various violations. The increasing problem may be solved by the help of getting various kind of OSHA safety training courses. Now the safety training courses are also available online. This online OSHA courses are convenient for the employers and employees also.