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New Security Features updated for OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Training Cards

New Security Features updated for OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Training Cards
OHSA has incorporated new security features into the 10 and 30 hour wallet cards issued to trainees after completing the OSHA Outreach training courses by the trainers. This is something new and OSHA had incorporated the new features quietly.

Numerous states and general contractors have possession of the a 10 hour or 30 hour OSHA training card, which is mandatory for workers on certain sites but, there are quite a lot of cases where bogus cards were sold or provided to workers or their employers.

The OSHA wallet-sized cards are the same in terms of its size and colors, which is gold for the construction courses and medium blue for the general industry courses. However, in the new cards, the OSHA logo will be there in the upper left hand corner with the letter ‘O’ in blue ink. Again depending on the OSHA course completed a large number ‘10’ for OSHA 10 hour training and ‘30’ for OSHA 30 hour training will be placed faintly in the front center of the OSHA cards. These two new features are suppose to make the original OSHA cards more difficult for others to copy and issue to people who have not completed the two courses legitimately.

Another new feature in the card is the serial numbers appearing. In the old cards, there is a nine-digit serial number, which is printed in red ink. The new cards will have two digit number, which will be followed by a hyphen and a nine digit number printed in red ink. This feature will allow the card to track back easily back to the OSHA trainer who had issued the original card. Again OSHA trainers must keep a list of the student’s name as well as serial numbers of the card issued.

The changes affect both online and off line training courses however, the older versions are still valid for those who have already completed the courses.