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Oil Spill Clean-up Safety Materials Distributed by OSHA

OSHA is circulating several safety guides as well as fact sheets in numerous languages to the workers involved in the oil spill clean up along with the Gulf Coast.

Before any workers could be hired to engage in the clean up, OSHA requires the workers to receive the material supplement. Apart from English, the safety guides and fact sheets will be initially printed in Vietnamese and Spanish since there’s a diverse population inhabiting the Gulf Coast region. The safety materials will be made available by BP’s education contractor, PEC, as well as OSHA officials at the cleanup staging areas.

Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis has urged BP to employ some local workers displaced by the oil spill, though many of them have limited English proficiency. Solis has said that she has directed OSHA to work close with BP in order ensure OSHA safety training of cleanup employees. The OSHA safety training must be thorough, prompt and adequate, and must be conducted in those languages that the workers can understand. She has also directed OSHA to set up and distribute safety supplementary materials in those languages which the cleanup workers can easily access the information when they need to protect and stay safe on the job.

The safety guides and fact sheets development has been a result of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and OSHA partnership to provide protective measures for the Gulf Coast oil spill responders.

OSHA safety training of the cleanup employees is going on thoroughly and throughout the Gulf Coast region. Officials from OSHA is monitoring the OSHA safety training and observing the clean up efforts that are underway already.