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Jeffboat has a record history of safety violations with OSHA

Jeffboat has a record history of safety violations with OSHA
Recalling the two deaths that happened in Jeeffboat in a matter of two days apart, it has raised questions about the safety of the workers in the company. Families of the deceased workers have expressed their disbelieved and unsatisfactory over the whole matter.

There has been a record of 7 investigations since 2003 according to OSHA. Out of it, 3 investigations were planned with giving any notice to Jeffboth and the other four investigations were in reponse to complaints.

In one investigation dating back in May 2007, there were at 27 violations and 23 were cited as serious. OSHA had also fined an amount of $20,700.

Now, following the death of two workers recently, OSHA has two new investigations pending.

Jeffboat has been cited by OSHA for fire safety plan, maintenance of safe conditions, general housekeeping and exposure to flammable and combustible liquids.

It is the responsibility of the organization to provide a safety and healthy work experience to their employers. They need to comply with the standards set by OSHA. If any organization is found to violate the safety rules, OSHA has clearly announced that heavy fines would be given to them. OSHA safety training would be the best option that an organization can provide to their workers. The OSHA compliance training is available both online and on-site.