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OSHA finds CSX Transportation Inc. to retaliate against NY dispatcher

OSHA finds CSX Transportation Inc. to retaliate against NY dispatcher
U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration has found out that CSX Transportation Inc. had retaliated against an employee who had repeatedly reported about safety matters to his managers.

Robert Kulick, regional administrator in New York, OSHA, said, “ Retaliating against an employee who raises safety concerns is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If workers are intimidated into remaining silent, that silence carries an ominous price as hazards may go unreported and thereby place the safety of railway workers and the public at risk."

CSX had disciplined the veteran employee in December 2008 and so the employee filed a complaint with OSHA in 2008. OSHA had investigated on it and found reasons to complain against the railroad and cited with $5,000 to pay to the worker for punitive damages.

The company had violated the Federal Railroad Safety Act by disclosing the workers personnel record. The order required CSX to delete the workers personnel derogatory reference and also posted a permanent notice to provide the workers with a fact sheet including other necessary information regarding the whistleblower rights under the FRSA.

OSHA has thus contributed a lot to assist the workers by its rules and regulations. More to it, OSHA has provided safety trainings that ensures the safety of the workers at workplace. These course are now available online also. The courses are: OSHA 10 hour courses and OSHA 30 hour courses. These are not limited in suggesting the ways of safety and health at work place but also it provides information on OSHA act, OSHA compliance and the responsibility of both workers and their employees also. As a whole, OSHA has striven to maintain the working environment good and to make the workers safe and satisfied at workplace.