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USPS cited by OSHA for ‘Willful’ Safety Violations

For yet another violation by a company, OSHA has slap them with a fine of about $558,000. USPS, a postal service was cited as they ignored the long established OSHA safety standards and put their workers into harm knowingly. The violations was for exposing the workers to serious and potential fatal hazards of electrocution, shock and arc-flash at the Providence facility.

The Postal service failed to adhere with the OSHA standards for electrical safety. Moreover, during the inspection at the Providence Processing & Distribution Center, the agency found untrained and unqualified workers testing on live electrical equipment. They generated 8 citations for willful safety violations and a fine of $530,000.

A remaining $28,000 fines were associated with 4 citations for serious safety violations that included the employers failure to instruct the workers on proper procedures to lock out machines’ power sources that would prevent unexpected start-up during the maintenance or related hazards. Personal protective equipment, warning signs and work practices were also inadequate according to the inspection.

It is the responsibility of the workers to provide a safe working environment to ensure their workers’ safety and health. Providing OSHA safety training may be the first step they could take to ensure they comply with the standard and make sure their workers are safe. OSHA safety courses are crucial for both workers as well as the employers if they want to avoid any work related hazards or penalties.